Agreement Sewa Kereta

Diese Vereinbarung wird unter ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dies wird wie folgt vereinbart:(a) Der Mietpreis des Fahrzeugs beträgt RM _________ pro Tag. (b) The owner has the right to charge an additional fee if the vehicle is refunded too late after the expiry of the rental period, at a rate of RM 10.00 per hour. c) This vehicle is not used for all kinds of criminal activity or criminal offences committed by Malaysia. (d) the tenant is solely responsible for the misuse of these vehicles, such as . B participation in all types of criminal activity or offences under Malaysian law. e) Tenants are also responsible for loading/links/fines for the duration of the rental of the vehicle. (f) The owner has the right to claim damages in the event of damage from an accident or accident on the vehicle within the specified rental period. (g) If the vehicle is not found/lost/severely damaged during the rental period, the tenant is solely responsible for all costs incurred by the owner of the vehicle. (h) the tenant agrees to provide the landlord with a copy of his identity card and driver`s licence for reference purposes. Erklärung des Mieters __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personalausweis _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Registrierung _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wenn ich eine der Bedingungen nicht einhalte, kann mir ein Rechtsanspruch auferlegt werden. The lease consists of terms and conditions and rental documents indicating the rental details provided by each vehicle at the time of rental (designated under these conditions by “rental document”).

The lease agreement is between LA NZ Avid Car Rental (hereafter referred to as “owner”) and the person and/or company that designates the rental document (hereafter referred to as “tenant”) with details in the rental document. She agrees on this point: DATE….. Hours.. UNTIL THE TIME OF THE LOAN. SO THE TENANT HEREBY AGREES WITH THE CAR MASTER AS FOLLOWS: 1.Pay the rent on the day as specified. 2.Responsible for the loss of the car. 3.Payment responsible for all invoices or assignments imposed on the car during the rental period. 4.Ne not use and allow that the car is used for criminal and maxious activities. 8.Repair responsible for damage caused by 2.

Tenants must pay the owner for the rental of the vehicle, which must be indicated in the rental document. 13. The tenant must send the vehicle to the rental location agreed in the rental document or obtain the landlord`s agreement to continue the rent after or after the expiry of the rental period (the tenant must pay an additional rental fee for the long-term rent). If the tenant does not comply with this