Nsw Teachers Pay Agreement

The starting salary of teachers in NSW public schools is not only higher than the average salary for new graduates, but also one of the highest entry wages in Australia. Teachers who were first recruited or rehired in 2016 will start with the new standard-based pay structure, depending on their level of accreditation. Graduates can earn $70,652 plus super-annuation in the first year of apprenticeship and may, in less time, see themselves as class teachers up to $105,376 as class teachers in a higher salary range. Teachers at some public schools located in rural and remote NSWs, including application sites, receive additional financial benefits such as moving grants and generous rent subsidies. Use our performance calculator to find out what benefits apply to teachers working in certain schools. Classroom teachers are paid according to the standard compensation structure according to the Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award. Teachers who entered the profession after the introduction of a new NSW pay scale in January 2016 took seven years instead of nine to reach the highest level, which pays 109,427 $US. This meant that teachers who started after 2016 were paid more than those with more experience. “If people have the same experience and qualifications, it seems wrong to be paid at two different levels. We are pleased that the department has agreed to rectify this situation,” he said.

The salaries of NSW executives reflect the increase in accountability. For example, assistant principals and headteachers earn at least USD 121,273 and assistant principals earn at least USD 141,594. A principal of a large high school earns up to 181,113, while a principal of a connecting community school earns at least $200,134 (as of July 1, 2020). For more information on salary, visit the Ministry of Education website. NSW teachers expect negotiations on a new wage contract with the Ministry of Education to tackle a pay breakdown. Credit: iStock salary packages are also available to NSW teachers licensed in public schools, which allow them to maximize their disposable income by collecting a portion of their pre-tax salary in the form of benefits, instead of receiving everything in salary.