Rental Agreement No Broker Charges

Nobroker provides you with a one-stop shop for all paper processing and documentation related to lease registration, bank classification, police audit and business authorizations. I`m putting this in second place. One thing a company should respect is either to implement the right rule or to have no rules at all. Redgiraffe has such a loyal base with its lower prices and once the trouble of downloading the lease that most of us have or can be made and be authenticated notarized in a few hundred dollars with a year`s peace and now, even after the expiry of the lease, they renew the rent for a year by mail, without asking for unnecessary agreement again. During the payment of rent with this application, it will only ask for A/c landlord details instead of lease, so no broker will make your payment on ice. Finally, ask for the rental contract, if you do not have the rental contract, you have deducted 3% of the commission, then the balance will be refunded. After receiving a copy of the contract from us, they said they were not valid. Our question is why no broker application does not ask about the rental contract and KYC validation before payment, I asked this question more than 100 times, but no answer keep them calm and escape by indicating a stupid reason. This is how everyone is cheated, they suck the user`s money in the name of crap and state conditions, every day more than 1000 people are deceived and earn money on Covid-19 Time In principle, we will make sure that you register the lease without problem Yes, you get tax bill even with Nobroker, which I have not seen with others.

Maybe they will add it in the future, or maybe not. This can be useful if you manage the books of accounts. Personally, I suggest stay AWAY from this application. There are unethical rules. They attract you with offers, but the crochet point is the rental contract, if you don`t have a suitable lease, then you`ll make money out of The Pocket without even providing a service. The company does not collect brokerage fees from both parties and works on a freemium model. No broker indicates that Amex card payment is only won on the basis of rewards. Does this mean that we don`t earn regular Amex premiums when we pay rent via Amex cards? Apart from that, nobroker gives an option for monthly self-debit as redgiraffe? I haven`t seen this FYI option, 1% fee is currently up to 75000INR. nobroker calculates 1.5% for the amount more than that. No broker has specifically added a line under the credit card payment option, which is “including diners” PRUDENCE: Nobroker is applying for a rental contract. If they don`t submit, they charge an additional 2% plus 1% fee that u has already paid. Users need to raise awareness so that they don`t fall victim to nobroker.

Don`t try to transfer without a rental agreement on yourself, family/friends or owner`s account. I also received similar emails from them. I tried to pay the rent by payzapp on nobroker and I received this email the next day with the request to provide the rental contract. My rental agreement has not been updated, but it still stays in the same house and also pays rent via RedGirraffe. Although the lease has not been updated, the rent has been increased and no problem with RedGirraffe. no broker completely falsified – scam a lot of fake hidden fees do not trust at any price…..