Stamped Paper Agreement

Like contract law in most countries, the Indian Contract Act of 1872 considers that all agreements that meet the essential requirements of free consent, legitimate consideration and lawful purpose are valid and applicable. It is important to note that even oral agreements, which constitute a wide range of contracts in India, are valid contracts under the law, provided they fulfill the essential elements of a contract. The Contracts Act does not make the stamp of agreements mandatory and does not consider that an unstamped agreement/contract is invalid and unenforceable. Agreements therefore do not require a mandatory stamp to be considered legal and valid. Even if they are not stamped, they will still be enforceable to the parties who have signed the same thing. It is therefore important to note that the Indian Contract Act of 1872 does not prohibit or question the validity of electronic agreements. In Thiruvengada Pillai Vs. Navaneethammal – Anr. (see here), it has been decided by the Supreme Court that a stamp paper, even if it is more than six months old, is valid for its use. Section 54 bars only, refund after six months of purchase, but it does not limit the use of this old stamp paper for an agreement. Thus, nothing prevents you from using it even after years of purchase. The law does not have a mandatory statute of limitations for its validity.

This arrangement can be very beneficial to you if you have purchased stamps that cost thousands, lakhs or even crores, and for some reasons you don`t need them immediately. In such cases, you can easily return your stamp papers and be refunded by the collector. During the conclusion of contract negotiations, the implementation of the agreement comes into play through electronic signature, as inserted in the Information Act (Amendment) Act, 2008. The date of the document is 29.02.2012, the date of the document is 15.02.2012 and the registration date is 29.02.2012. Or other family members may object to your agreements being essential to applicability. Stamp paper Can you buy and store stamp paper in advance? Sometimes you may buy a stamp paper, but you weren`t able to use it for certain reasons. It is quite possible that if you need a stamp paper of the same value or value greater than the value of that mark, you want to use the same stamp instead of wasting more money to buy a new product. Here`s everything you need to know about its validity and use. Cut paper is a piece of paper that is often in the form of madness and carries a pre-printed sales stamp. [1] [2] Stamped papers are not a form of stationery. The use of stamped paper in the American colonies was so unpopular that it was credited with seeding the seeds of the American Revolution. You can use this stamp paper to execute an agreement that dates from the date indicated in the buffer paper, but which was executed before the registration date.