Washington State Physician Assistant Delegation Agreement

The medical assistant is responsible for submitting the agreement, all changes to the agreement, and notification if the agreement with the Washington Medical Commission is terminated. Employers are required to keep a copy of the practice agreement made available to the Washington Medical Commission upon request. In a substantial change in existing legislation, practical agreements apply as soon as all parties sign them and no longer need the approval of the Washington Medical Commission. Instead, practice agreements are submitted by the medical assistant to the Washington Medical Commission as soon as they are signed. Practical agreements can also be amended at any time to reflect new tasks or responsibilities. The medical assistant is responsible for submitting amendments or amendments to the Washington Medical Commission. The Washington Department of Health requires that only the applicant or licensee be able to complete an application or continuing education certificate. It is a legal certificate. Completion of the certificate by someone other than the applicant may constitute a crime to be declared. The Ministry of Health may act against people for perjury or false testimony they know to be false. For more information, see: The governor`s proclamation also temporarily waives certain licensing requirements for allopathic and osteopathic physicians, in order to allow uninterrupted health care during the pandemic, including: in a second proclamation concerning health facilities, the governor suspends “certain parts of the statutes and regulations and authorizations concerning health facilities in order to remove barriers to the use of health facilities and beds to meet the requirements of health facilities and COVID-19 response.

, including requirements for the Certificate of Requirement. The orders stipulate that the suspension of the CON applies only to “temporary increases in bed capacity and projects undertaken to provide A response capacity of COVID 19 which, at the expiry of this waiver, must be subject to certification of needs, in accordance with the repealed legal and regulatory provisions.” Read the amended proclamation in full. The Washington Medical Commission and the Medical Council of the Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery are responsible for participating in the implementation of the rules. Medical assistants, surveillance physicians and hospital staff should subscribe to regulatory updates from the Washington State Department of Health via this link. Section 6 contains specific information on practice agreements, including requirements, record and registration requirements.