What Is A Horse Lease Agreement

“The whole reason we did it was to see if Haley liked to take care of a horse and take responsibility for it. We didn`t know how serious she was at first. That`s why we made a big investment,” explained Roberta. From an owner`s point of view, renting a horse provides the certainty that a serving horse will continue to lead a productive life under the care of another rider. This knowledge brought a welcome calm to Chris Phaneuf, owner of Indian Meadow Farm in West Newbury, Massachusetts. As a jumper, she knew she had reached the point where a more advanced performance horse would help her improve her abilities. But she was not ready to break up with her blood hunter, Shady, or to part with her. Chris had always thought of him as a companion, not as a commodity. So she thought long and hard about what she was going to do with him when she was offered the opportunity to lend a more experienced horse.

If you rent a horse for shows, you will most likely want to rent it for the whole year or rent it out for a show season. All of these things, as well as the payment plans, should be clearly formulated in the written lease. Other geographic challenges also come into play. “Today, thanks to the Internet, we see more people working across borders,” Fershtman says. For example, you may end up renting a horse from Vermont if you live in New York. “If so,” the contracts must be clear about the law that the parties intend to apply. This is because laws can vary considerably from state to state. It`s really a situation by type of situation.

Leasing is better for some and buying is better for others. I would recommend that if you are considering taking the next step towards more time with the horses, talk to your trainer or instructor. You know your skill level and the horses in the barn that may be available. You should be able to give yourself a better idea of what is right for you. Renting a horse will be cheaper than buying a horse. Especially if you make a partial rental contract, because you most likely don`t have to be responsible for the veterinary and Farrier bills. In most cases, rental costs are negotiable. In general, the cost of a full lease for one year will be between 25 and 30 percent of the horse`s value? in other words, about $2,500 for a horse valued at $10,000.